Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. What is the aim of Beercoasters.CLUB?

The website has been developed to offer a platform where collectors of beercoasters can enjoy their spare time and improve the knowledge about breweries around the world. The aim is to help collectors in this hobby, facilitating their search, and to increase the number of contacts and changes.

2. How long does this site exist? started in 2004 for an idea of Danilo Scalia who created a small site on which his private coastercollection was presented. The intention was to find new collectors for changing. In few years it was extended with the private collections of many other collectors and then with the helps of many moderators around the world. Since January 2017 a simple website became a real huge database with catalogues of beercoasters. Now registered collectors have the possibility to add coasters and breweries, add their collection, wanted lists, doubles lists in the database.

3. How is financed?

The costs are totally cover with the subscriptions sent by members each year. All funds are used to guarantee development and management costs and to finance new projects.

4. Who can use the coasters database?

Only registered Users or Super Users can use the coasters database. Users can only see the catalogues, Super Users can add coasters, create collection lists, wanted list, sell lists.

5. How does the catalogues of the beercoasters look like?

You will see a list of different countries where the breweries with coasters are stored. By clicking on a country you will have the homepage of the country. Big collection countries are divided by regions, clicking each region a list of all the cities and their breweries will be listed in alphabetical order. In some countries are listed also some “special regions” such as Backprinted; Festivals; Imported coasters etc. In the country home page you will see the last 30 days new coasters issued in the country. Every coaster in this section can be enlarged and a list of info and smart buttons (only for Super User) will help your work. Every brewery reports all the brewerydates, historical infos or eventually pictures of the brewery and all the coasters of the brewery listed under a beer Brand. Every coaster has a clearly number assigned from 1 to the last one. This code will help the Users in the exchanges. Each coaster is unique in the catalogues but could happen that an international brand coaster such as Guinness is listed twice: in Dublin, Ireland and also in another country where the coaster was found. Generally it is indicate under the coaster.

6. How is the presentation of the coasters?

All the coasters of every brewery are mentioned. When there is only one picture it means that this coaster is printed only on one side described as F/0. Otherwise, even if it is printed on both sides the same you will find it described as F/B. When the back side is unknown it is described as F/? and when the coaster has two different pictures on front and back, both sides are shown. The numbering is used to give a temporal order to the catalogues.

7. How can I search for breweries/brand/coaster?

By using the search button on the top right corner of the screen you can search for a desired search term. To find items in the coaster-database you can easly write the name of the brewery/brand or region/city or the name of a set of coasters. After one click on “search” you find on a list of the breweries, brands, sets etc. The search-item must have at least 3 letters. Don't mention too many search-items in one time because the result could be too different.

8. Which kind of coasters should be added to the database?

Beer or malt beverages coasters are welcome. For others please visit the rules page.

9. How to register as a User/Super User?

If you want to join the club click the icon in the top right corner of the homepage, fill the form, choose between User (5€ year) or Super User (10€ year) and send the subscription by Paypal. If you don’t have a Paypal account just send an email to info[at]

10. Is it possible to upgrade my account from User to Super User?

Yes, it is always possible to upgrade an account. Just send an email to info[at] with the request. After sending the difference between the two accounts (5€) your profile will be upgraded.

11. Who can Add beercoasters on

Only Editors and Super Users can add beercoasters on the catalogues.

12. How I can Add beercoasters on

If coaster to add is issued from a brewery not already presents on catalogue you must first add the city (Add City) and then create a new brewery (Add brewery) filling the info fields as much as possible. After that is it possible to add a new brand (Add brand) and at least a new coaster (Add coaster).

13. Is it possible to create a SET of coasters?

Yes it’s possible! Before adding the new coasters you need to create the new set using the button “Add Set” under each brewery. Give the name of the set and SAVE. Then add the coasters remembering to select the set from the drop down menu in the Add coaster window. Coaster already present on catalogue can be put under a Set only by Editor, contact him for this request.

14. Who can edit on

Only Editors have the possibility to delete or edit a city/brewery/brand or coaster. So in case of mistake please contact the Editor of the area. After adding a coaster the User has got 1 hour to edit it, after that time he must contact the Editor of the area. The names of the Editors are clearly shown at the top of each country and in SUPPORTERS page.

15. How can I add or delete a coaster to my coaster collection?

To add or to delete a coaster to your virtual collection list it’s easy. Just call up the brewery where you want to add or to delete some coasters; under each coaster there are some command buttons. Clicking on “0” you can use +, -, B command to add that coaster to personal collection, click on + one time. More click on + means you have doubles. Use – to remove doubles or remove from collection. Use B (booked) when that coaster is saved for you from another collector, is it a remainder to avoid mistakes or double changes. When you add a new coaster you can immediately allocate this coaster to your collection. Just put the checkmark on the site "add a beercoaster" to "add this beercoaster to my collection" and save it.

16. How can I get access to my Personal Page?

After logging in on you'll see your name on the top right corner of the screen. With mouse over your name you will see some commands, click on “View Profile”. This page shows you your collection, your doubles, your wanted list and your sell list.

17. How can I send Direct Doubles Request?

After entering a collector Personal Page click on his Doubles list. All coasters listed have a tick box, select what you are missing and click on the red button “Send Double Request”. An email with the images of your selection will be sent to the User.

18. Who can sell on

Only Editors and Super Users have the possibilità to put an item on sale in their Profile Page or in the main SHOP page. In own Profile Page/Sell you will find red buttons “Add” or “Delete”, they can be used to put or remove items on sale on the main SHOP page. Moreover underneath each coaster User can use the button $ to put the coaster on sale on his Personal Sell page.

19. What kind of items can be sold?

Users can sell only items related to beer, so coasters, collections, glasses, mugs, frames, posters etc.

20. There are any fees on sale notices or on final price?

No, The Club doesn’t ask any fee on the sale notices and not even on final price for private auctions.

21. How can I purchase coaster put on sale from a User?

Coasters or every other beer items on sale by user can be purchased contacting directly the user.